9+Best Cannabis Seed Banks That You Have Been Looking For!

Being a cannagrower, you always want your seeds to be the best and of high-quality. If you start hunting for a reliable marijuana seed bank, you’ll find hundreds of seed banks that claim to be legit and best. However, you should not blindly trust what they say and do your research. Here in the following article, you’ll find only the best cannabis seed banks tested by our experts on different parameters.

Not only this, we have also included an FAQ section by the end of this article exclusively for beginners. In short, if you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find everything about weed seeds here in one place. So, let’s get started with what you’ve been looking for!

10 + Best Cannabis Seed Banks

It’s scary buying weed seeds online for the first time, and it’s necessary to make sure you get your weed seeds from a trusted source! Not only will that help secure your safety and assurance, but it also prevents you from getting scammed or ripped off with low-quality seeds or even no seeds at all! Here are some of the best cannabis seed banks that we’ve handpicked specially for you!

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

Robert Bergman, a cannabis expert grower, founded ILGM. He’s been cultivating marijuana for more than 25 years and has discovered loads of tips and tricks. He started I Love Growing Marijuana in 2012 and transformed it into one of the world’s most trusted sources for purchasing cannabis seeds in Europe.

You’ll find almost everything on ILGM. There are complete guides on subjects like the beginner’s guide for cultivating weed seeds, indoors and outdoors marijuana growing guide, medical marijuana strain, plant care blogs, and many more. Creative title aside, ILGM is famous for its customer service, packaging, and high Trustpilot ratings. 

The official website of this seed bank has many categories and choices for all types of breeders and specialization. On their main menu tabs, you will see the option of buying beginner seeds, auto flowers, feminized seeds, mixed packs, medical marijuana seeds, seed-growing nutrients, grow kits, and many attractive offers.

All the seeds you buy from ILGM come from the authentic strain stated and come with a germination guarantee, so there’s no risk of getting stuck with seeds that won’t grow.

You’ll see multiple payment options on their checkout page, from credit/debit cards, bank transfers or deposits, and even Bitcoin, which would help you stay as safe as possible. Regular shipping is free, or you also have the choice of spending $25 if you want a tracked shipping.

One of the most disappointing elements about ILGM is that they don’t ship to any other countries apart from the USA and Australia.


A trustworthy brand with a 4.6/5 Trustpilot rating

Collection of many popular strains

No dud seeds, plus a Money-back guarantee

Discreet stealth shipping

Categories for the novice grower, autoflower, feminized, and much more

24/7 customer support

Crop King Seeds

Crop KingCrop King Seeds is a famous Canadian cannabis seed bank that sells weed seeds in physical locations throughout Canada since 2005. It’s also one of the best cannabis seed banks in the world. Crop King’s website presents a precise, simple layout with several large sections featuring seed categories like regular, auto flower, feminized, and high-CBD, which gives you a fair amount of options to choose from. One of the most attractive features of Crop King is their “Germination” segment.

It gives step-by-step guidance on how you can ensure that 80 percent of the seeds from them will end up growing in a fruitful cannabis plant. This guarantee seems slightly low compared to some other seed banks, but maybe Crop King is just being realistic.

Anyone who’s an experienced cannabis grower must have heard of Crop King Seeds. They offer free shipping if you order $300 worth of weed seeds or more. Regular shipping costs you $10, and the package takes 7 to 14 business days to reach your door.

To simplify, we can say that Crop King Seeds is a highly trusted, reliable seed bank that survives upon its high-quality product. It may not be the source to try out plenty of new strains, but Crop King will always be a good source for high-quality seeds when you want to stock up on your favorites or try something that’s assured to grow well.


A vast collection of marijuana seeds

80 percent germination rate

Free shipping on $300+ orders

Germination guide for beginners

Simple eCommerce website layout

Useful infographics about genetics and THC-CBD ratios


MSNLWith more than 20 years of experience selling high-quality seeds, MSNL has earned the name of being one of the most trusted sources to buy weed seeds online. MSNL offers many categories selling cannabis seeds such as regular, auto-flowering, feminized, indoor and outdoor, high-CBD seeds, and much more.

One of the most exciting things about their website is the quiz asking, “What cannabis strain are you?”. It helps clients find the MSNL seeds based on special growing conditions, plant preference, and what you want from the final buds. In the end, you’ll get four seed options arranged to match your weather, growing skills, and personality. This feature is excellent for beginners.

MSNL claims that their seeds have a 90 percent germination rate, which is much convincing and noble than assuring a 100 percent germination rate as some other seed banks might do. All the seeds you buy from MSNL are hand-checked by experts with plenty of experience in marijuana seeds from Amsterdam; hence, you’re assured a top result.

Moreover, they stock some big names in the weed market, including some High Times Cup and Cannabis Cup and award-winners.

Standard shipping charges are around $6.25, but you get free delivery if you order in bulk. Their shipments generally come in the US in about 6 to 12 days but sometimes end up taking a few weeks. This seed bank offers multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards, checks, cash, bank wires, or Bitcoin. Buying with bitcoin gets you a special discount.

Having all these qualities, MSNL is undoubtedly one of the best cannabis seed banks around the globe.


Striving since 1999

Offers Stealth Shipping

Special discount on bitcoin purchase

High Times Cup and Cannabis Cup winner strains

Variety of shipping options

FREE seeds with all orders to try new strains


seedsmanBacked by more than 16,000 customers, Seedsman has earned its reputation in the online cannabis business. Seedsman is based in the UK and has been successfully operating for more than a decade.

The best quality about this seller is its huge variety of licensed breeders. In fact, they even offer a very long ordered list of all marijuana seeds they stock and their breeders. If you’re looking for a particular big-name or even a breeder, you will find them and their canna seeds stocked by Seedsman.

Seedsman also has regular options, including feminized, autoflowering, seeds, and entire sections carrying popular strain varieties, including Sour Diesel, Northern Lights, Cheese, Skunk, and everyone’s favorite White Widow.

This seed bank proudly stores many award-winning seeds and some unique categories for specific growing conditions. For instance, you can order mold-resistant strains, fast-flowering strains, and even seeds suitable for farming at high altitudes, like in Colorado.

You’ll find a review of the product at the end of the page and, with each order, they offer some free seeds with loyalty points for purchasing. And, when you’re ordering and paying with bitcoin, you’ll also get an additional discount. If that isn’t satisfactory, you’ll also receive 25 percent more off for your first pay with bitcoin!


A loyalty points system for regular buyers

Alphabetically arranged breeders’ list

Offers free seeds with every order

Plenty of seed varieties in-stock

User reviews for assisting you to decide

A wide range of accessories from hemp bags and informational books to storage jars

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds


As you might have guessed from the title, this Amsterdam-based cannabis seed bank continuously works to spread the pleasant Indica from Amsterdam all around the world.

AMS has a team of experts who brings hand-selected cannabis strains. They only offer the best strains. That’s why you will see limited strains on their website. Although they have less quantity of strains, the available strains are the best of the best.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds doesn’t compromise on their quality and stock various weed strains such as Amsterdam Indica EXTRM, Aussie Blues, and Bob Marley. They also sell usual cannabis strains category wise such as regular, feminized, and autoflower.

Like all the best cannabis seed banks that ship to the USA, AMS seed bank also offers many payment options like cash, bank transfer, credit and debit cards, western union, bitcoin, etc.

This marijuana seed bank offers free shipping globally, which is secret and safe. Moreover, they’ll always send you free seeds if you order more than ten seeds from AMS. They also have a detailed weed growing guide available for newcomers in the marijuana growing business.


Worldwide free shipping

Stealth shipping

A large collection of high-quality seeds

Excellent team of cannabis experts

Various payment options

Sensi Seeds

Sensi seedsSensi Seeds, being in Amsterdam, is one of the known names in the cannabis industry. They don’t see themselves as just a seed bank but as a loyal member of the cannabis society and a source of information about the actual results and uses of cannabis.

In addition to giving their time to produce more traditional cannabis strains, Sensi Seeds have put a lot of effort into guaranteeing they have a variety of seeds suitable for medical uses.

This seed bank has a reputation for being a constant seed provider. They bring all of their passion into their breeding as they try to reveal many hidden secrets marijuana has to offer. 

Though their rates are a bit higher than other marijuana seed banks, you know you will get some of the best genetics in the world when buying from Sensi Seeds. They prepare your order in a discreet, unmarked case. There are no logos or advertisements on the packaging, making it virtually impossible to understand what is inside.

Buying from Sensi Seeds, you can rest assured that you will get a golden standard of genetics. That’s why many expert marijuana growers prefer Sensi Seeds over others.


Guaranteed shipping

Classic genetics

Different categories for various users

User-friendly website

High-quality seeds at affordable rates

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

QCSQuebec Cannabis Seeds is one of the biggest producer and seller of cannabis strains. The web designers of QCS have created a website, particularly for clients with prior experience in weed seed growing.

When searching for recreational or medicinal marijuana, you can rest assured that you have quality strains with stated quantities of CBD and THC. There are many different species and strains available on QCS, including autoflowers, high-CBD, mixed packs, and feminized, as well as regular, outdoor, and even some limited edition weed seeds.

You can also propose a request for in-depth details about any other strains that you’re interested in. 

You can order cannabis seeds online with no worries with their stealth service plan. They will easily hide the seeds in everyday items like very regular CDs, birthday cards, etc. QCS also offers you a tracking number with your order, so you know exactly when it will arrive on your doorsteps.

One thing we liked the most amazing about QCS is that US clients can pay in USD, so you don’t have to worry about converting your money into CAD.

There are many options to pay. But, it’s important to understand that any credit card payment charges a 3.8 percent transaction fee. And, if you pay using bitcoin (which is the safest way), you’ll get an extra discount on your entire order.


Attractive deals on order paying with Bitcoin

Credit card charges are under an unnoticeable company name

More than 15 years of experience in the industry

Stealth shipping with maximum secrecy

A range of regular, autoflower, feminized, CBD, and mixed seeds

USA buyers can pay in USD

Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen SeedsRoyal Queen Seeds is a popular name in the cannabis community. It is a firm based in Amsterdam, and after years of improving the growing method of cannabis, they chose to branch out with their own line of weed seeds. Many people consider RQS to be one of the biggest and most reputable seed banks in Europe.

After years of cannabis growing, RQS has produced original series of genetics at every growing level. They proudly support all of its seeds procured from organic parent plants. Royal Queen Seeds carefully handpicked the seeds to ensure optimum quality and test them regularly to ensure germination strength.

In addition to their extensive range of marijuana seeds, Royal Queen Seeds has increased the products they offer into areas that supplement their seeds and industry or firm. These products include the followings:

Organic CBD oil, a clothing line, including t-shirts, companion plants, vaporizers, smoking equipment (including trays, grinders, stash jars, and organic hemp papers), sweatshirts, and other accessories.

Royal Queen Seeds’ website has been the foundation of their business and growth that allows them to interact with and offer products to customers worldwide.

This online seed bank presents hundreds of options for unique strains. Moreover, they provide information on the growing times, THC content, and flavor of their respective seed strain. The site also offers a positive shopping experience underpinned by secrecy and protection, ensuring that customers feel safe while buying.


One of the most reputable names in the market

Free shipping all over Europe

Attractive offers and discounts

Wide range of medical marijuana strains

User-friendly website 

Useful grow guides for beginners

Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana shopNirvana Seeds is famous for being beginner-friendly and offering good seeds at an affordable cost.

One of the best qualities that make Nirvana Shop such a reputable seed bank is that they don’t just sell cannabis seeds for business, but they actually grow their own in-house weed strains.

This commitment towards working for the better future of cannabis makes Nirvana one of the best cannabis seed banks in the market. Since they breed cannabis strains on their own, you always get high-quality seeds. This also suggests that they are always coming up with new and exciting strains!

Moreover, if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, their outstanding customer service staff will make it right for you. Looking at all these qualities, you might think the prices to be high, but they are quite affordable.

You can buy five feminized or ten regular seeds for about 20 to 30 euros. Moreover, Nirvana Shop offers various payment methods such as credit card, cash, and Bitcoin. You’ll find frequent promotions and discounts on their website.

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast who wants to cut costs in 2021, Nirvana Shop is the perfect choice for you. Not only are their prices low, but you’ll get guaranteed results with their high-quality seeds. You won’t find many seed banks in the market that can undercut Nirvana Shop on price.


Huge collection of weed seeds

WeedPortal Community

High-quality seeds at a reasonable price

Frequent discounts and offers

Supportive customer care service

Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of cannabisMinistry of Cannabis is a Spanish seed bank that works from Barcelona. It is a global seed bank and breeder of high-quality marijuana strains. Along with producing and distributing their own strains, they maintain a constant supply of popular varieties in stock at all times.

Even if this seed bank stocks more feminized seeds, you’ll also find various autoflowering seeds. Ministry of Cannabis ships everywhere globally and have different payment methods to serve you better.

Their dedication to improve the genetics of each strain truly manifests in the handpicked seeds they offer for sale. In addition to new attractive strains, they also have a category of tried-and-true picks that brings buyers back again and again.

The official website of this seed bank is authentic, communicative, and well laid out, making it effortless to find the information you want quickly. 

As for payment methods, you can pay to Ministry of Cannabis through bank transfer, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Visa, MoneyGram (for purchases of 100 euros or more), or cash mailed straight to the address given at checkout. 

Pro Tip: If you want to pay by cash, make sure you do it by registered mail so that you can track it on the way. 

There are many cannabis seed banks on the internet. Still, Ministry of Cannabis sets itself apart by being friendly to its clients, current with the problems that affect the global cannabis community, and committed to reform in developing new strains.


High-quality feminized seeds

Discreet shipping worldwide

Guaranteed germination

Offers free seeds

Outstanding customer service


WeedSeedExpressSince 2005, Weedseedsexpress is a reputable name among cannabis growers. Their primary mission is to offer premium quality at an affordable price. Shipping weed seeds worldwide, fast and secure, Weed Seeds Express deserves to be on the best cannabis seed bank list.

The official website of this seed bank is user-friendly and lets you filter your browsing by specific growing needs, strain type, THC/CBD levels, and much more!

Experienced and passionate breeders founded Weedseedsexpress, and that’s why you can rest assured that the seeds you get are of the highest quality. Every new batch of cannabis seeds is quality-tested.

While buying seeds, you might think that the prices are a bit high, but as you move further towards check out, Weedseedsexpress offers you many promotions and reduces costs. Moreover, they provide free extra 10% of your seeds with each order.

Weedseedsexpress provides a fantastic variety of weed seeds. From classic strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Skywalker OG, and Charlotte’s Web to unique strains to give you high yields.

This seed bank offers quick, discreet, and free guaranteed worldwide shipping. Weedseedsexpress accepts the most common payment options, like credit card and cryptocurrency.


User-friendly website

High-quality assurance

Wide variety of cannabis strains

Stealth Shipping available

A vast collection of seeds category wise

90% Germination Guarantee

Whether you want to upgrade the genetics of what you are already breeding or wish to grow from the best fine marijuana seeds, it is necessary to understand where to start. Many online cannabis seed banks might disappoint you, but not the ones on this list. Now, let’s move on to our Cannabis 101 guide!

Cannabis 101 – Everything You Should Know Before Buying Weed Seeds

Qualities Of The Best Cannabis Seed Banks

Ordering cannabis seeds from an online source can be confusing if you have certain conditions regarding the packaging, delivery, payment, or quality. Sadly, low-quality seeds, bungling packages, and unsupportive customer staff are common problems when buying weed seeds online. Hence, it’s a great way to check the official website of the vendor or other expert growers’ forum.

While looking for the best cannabis seed bank, there are some features that you must know, that includes the following:

Features Of The Reliable Cannabis Seed Banks

  • Stealth and discreet shipping facility
  • Allows worldwide shipping (including the USA) 
  • Delivery on time
  • Good strain collection
  • A reputable name in the market
  • Easy refund policy for lost, damaged, or low-quality seeds 
  • Giving frequent offers and promotions
  • Coupon codes, discounts, loyalty/reward programs 
  • High-quality cannabis seeds guarantee
  • Seed germination guarantee
  • User-friendly website
  • Active customer service 
  • Useful information given about each seed strain 
  • Support multiple currencies 
  • Accept different payment options
  • Positive customer reviews about seed quality 

We noticed that most of the new cannabis growers have many doubts in their minds. Sometimes, even the experts have a few queries that remain unanswered. Here are the most commonly asked questions about buying marijuana seeds online on the internet!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Types Of Marijuana Seed Banks Are There?

There are three main categories of online cannabis seed banks: seed breeders, seed resellers, and seed brands.

  • Cannabis seed breeders mainly work on the breeding method, which involves breeding new weed strains and enhance their existing genetics as much as they can.
  • Cannabis resellers stock seeds from different breeders and brands, sometimes more than a hundred of them. They don’t take any responsibility for their goods as they are just a middleman.
  • Cannabis seed brands are online seed banks that mainly do the work of distributing cannabis seeds to private clients. They give customer guarantees, extended shipping range, large selection, responsive customer service, discounts, and promotions. Overall, their focus is on to make customers’ shopping experience better and their satisfaction.

Why Should I Order Marijuana Seeds Online?

There are many reasons why ordering from online sources is more beneficial than buying from a local seed shop. One big reason is the seed collection. There are plenty of options online- from Indicas to Sativas and hybrids.

Another main reason is the price range. Many seed banks and online marijuana shops offer weed seeds at affordable and cheap rates. Some seed banks might offer some seeds for free with every order. Online, you can read different stories and reviews about the specific strain you want to buy.

Is It Safe to Buy Weed Seeds Online?

Although you might think that it’s not safe to order marijuana seeds online and get them in the mail, the fact is that there’s minimum risk involved even when placing an order with a seed bank overseas.

Which Are The Best Strains For Newbies?

Many reputable seed banks have seed categories for new growers. Our best advice is to do a little analysis on the strain and breeder and raise a strain that seems appealing or exciting to you. If you’re still not sure, a great choice for first-time breeders is Northern Light since this strain is potent, grows short, is easy to raise, and has a comparatively low odor compared to most other famous strains.

You’ll find plenty of strains for beginners these days. What’s most important is to pick a strain that interests you. That way, you’ll be remarkably delighted when you harvest the seeds!

What Is The Best Way To Pay?

Payment options include cash in the mail, debit card and credit card transfer, check or postal money order, bank deposit or wire transfer, and the most secure option – cryptocurrency. Paying with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is the most reliable option available for buying marijuana seeds online. It’s also a great way to get additional discounts and extra free seeds with your shipment.

How Will I Hide My Purchase In Bank Statement?

Payments made through your bank are safe and don’t add phrases like “cannabis,” “seed,” “marijuana,” etc. You can contact the seed bank for a more detailed explanation about their payment processing.

Is My Payment Information Secure From Online Theft?

You’ll find many online scammers these days, and worrying about not being scammed is normal. You can confirm a secure connection by checking at the site’s SSL certificate, shown by a closed padlock in your browser’s address bar. An SSL secure checkout encrypts your payment info, saving you from online cyber-theft while you order your seeds online.

How to Know Your Cannabis Seeds are Real?

As with any crop, a successful cannabis yield begins with quality seeds, but it can be hard to pick the best, even for expert growers.

Here we are giving you hints to identify high-quality weed seeds to provide you with an idea of what to look for when ordering your seeds for your Marijuana Garden.

  • Appearance and Color: Viable seeds are brown, dark brown, or even black. Their young seeds are brighter in color, such as yellow, white, and light green.
  • Size and Shape: Round or teardrop-shaped seeds are the best.
  • Age: You should keep the seeds in a cool, dark room (even in a freezer) to prevent them from rot or get moldy.
  • Float Test: Take purified water to see if it has a sufficient amount to sink in an hour or two, and if it does, it usually has a better possibility of germinating than seeds that float.

How Do I Germinate Marijuana Seeds?

Marijuana seeds need three things to germinate: water, heat, and air. Because of this, there are several methods to grow the seeds. The most popular and simplest method involves the use of paper towels soaked in water.

You can also utilize starter cubes or plugs. Simply put the seed in, add water, and wait for it to germinate. This method is not much successful, but they reduce the risk of breaking the roots when moving a young sprout to its final growing home. 

Where Do I Buy Weed Seeds In The USA?

There is a large thriving cannabis market in many areas of the United States, and American growers are breeding world-famous marijuana strains. Luckily, there are many overseas seed banks that ship to the USA for the areas where the government has implemented laws.